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Become a Hate Free Hero! Join the Digital Integrity Coalition in our mission to foster a safer, more empathetic, and accountable online world.

By taking the pledge against online hate, you commit to:

  1. Promoting digital integrity.
  2. Supporting those affected by online harm.
  3. Advocating for a more compassionate online community.

By adding your name to our list of supporters, you stand with us in solidarity to create a better digital future.

Take the Pledge

Your Optional Contribution

While taking the pledge is a powerful way to support our mission, we understand that some individuals may also wish to contribute financially to help further our cause. Your generosity enables us to continue our efforts in promoting digital integrity and online safety.

If you'd like to make a voluntary donation to support our work, please use the link below. Your contributions, no matter the amount, are greatly appreciated and will directly contribute to creating a safer and more empathetic online world.

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