Mission Statement

The Digital Integrity Coalition's  mission is deeply rooted in our shared values and unwavering commitment to fostering a safer and more responsible digital world.

We are Advocates: We are dedicated to partnering with others to forge desperatedly-needed changes to Section 230. We stand as a resolute voice in the pursuit of a more accountable and equitable online environment. We also advocate to make cyberdefamation and character assassination a hate crime, punishable by local and federal laws.

Our Empathetic approach: Our unwavering support for adult victims of cyberhatred underscores our empathetic approach. We extend a compassionate hand to those who have endured online harm, offering empathetic assistance and a path to healing and justice.

Innovation: This is at the heart of our work, propelling us forward with visionary solutions to address the ever-evolving challenges of the digital realm. We embrace progressive and forward-thinking strategies to tackle online hate. We strive to partner with other pioneers to foster digital safety for everyone.

Responsibility: is the cornerstone of our mission. We believe in holding social media platforms accountable for swiftly addressing hateful content and pushing to remove monetization from hater-creators. We advocate for all of these things, robust safeguards, and more to protect the rights and well-being of all digital citizens.

Our Resilient spirit: We empower individuals to reclaim their emotional well-being and rebuild their tarnished reputations after online attacks. We steadfastly believe in the power of intellect, internal strength, and resilience to triumph over adversity. We stand alongside those who seek recovery in the aftermath of digital harm.

That's why the Digital Integrity Coalition stands united as a coalition and a beacon of change. We are in an unwavering pursuit of a digital world where integrity, empathy, innovation, respect, accountability, and resilience define the landscape. Together, we fight for a digital ecosystem where all individuals can thrive, unburdened by the shadows of online harm, cyberdefamation, and character assassination.

Our Shared Vision:

We hold a powerful vision of a digital world where every professional adult thrives, casting aside the heavy shadows of cyberbullying, cyberdefamation, and online character assassination. Within this shared vision, we aspire to forge a path to a safer, more empathetic, and accountable online realm – a place where individuals find unwavering support and unwavering empowerment to triumph over the emotional, mental, and psychological toll of online harm.

Our mission is to reshape Section 230, compelling social media platforms to shoulder responsibility for the content they host. We advocate for the demonetization of hater-creator channels and the classification of these online acts as hate crimes, subject to local, state, and federal laws.

As we chase this vision, we strive to be a beacon of hope, offering comprehensive services that guide victims on the journey to reclaim their digital dignity and fortify their resilience. Collaborating with experts, allies, and change-makers, we labor to catalyze policy reform and legislative changes that prioritize safety and accountability.

Together, we labor for a future where digital integrity stands strong, and where respectful online citizenship becomes the steadfast norm, not the rare exception. Together, WE are the architects of this brighter, safer digital world.

This is your voice and our mission.