Mission Statement

The Digital Integrity Coalition is rooted in our shared commitment and values, aiming to create a safer, more accountable digital space.

Advocacy: Our primary mission is to drive much-needed reforms to Section 230. We advocate for a fairer and more equitable online world, where cyber defamation and character assassination are recognized as hate crimes, subject to strict legal consequences.

Empathy: Central to our approach is a deep empathy for adults impacted by online aggression. We offer support and a path toward healing, emphasizing compassionate assistance for those navigating the aftermath of online attacks.

Trusted Resources: Instead of innovation, our strength lies in the trusted resources and professional guidance we provide. Our focus is on delivering reliable, vetted information and support to empower individuals in combating online hate and rebuilding their digital presence.

Responsibility: Accountability is a cornerstone of our efforts. We champion the cause of holding social media platforms responsible for addressing hateful content promptly and advocate against the financial motivation of individuals spreading hate.

Resilience: Encouraging resilience in those affected by online harm is fundamental to our mission. We believe in the power of strength, intellect, and resilience to overcome digital adversity, offering support to those seeking to recover and rebuild.

As a coalition of professionals and resource providers, the Digital Integrity Coalition stands as a beacon of change, dedicated to fostering a digital environment where integrity, empathy, responsibility, and resilience are paramount. We work tirelessly for a digital ecosystem that allows all individuals to thrive, free from the effects of online harm, defamation, and character assassination.

Our Vision:

We envision a digital world where every professional adult flourishes, free from the oppressive shadows of cyberbullying, cyber defamation, and online character assassination. In this collective dream, we aim to create a safer, more empathetic, and responsible online community—a place where unwavering support and empowerment enable individuals to overcome the emotional, mental, and psychological burdens of online abuse.

Our mission focuses on reforming Section 230 to ensure social media platforms are accountable for the content they host. We push for the removal of financial incentives from channels that spread hate and advocate for these harmful online behaviors to be legally recognized as hate crimes, enforceable at local, state, and federal levels.

In pursuit of this vision, we commit to being a source of hope, providing a comprehensive array of resources to assist victims in restoring their digital self-respect and strengthening their resilience. While we primarily operate as a resource website, our commitment extends to supporting policy reforms and legislative advancements that enhance online safety and accountability.

Together, we are dedicated to shaping a future where digital integrity is upheld, and respectful online interactions are the standard. We aim to be the architects of a brighter, safer digital world, where our collective efforts make a significant impact.

Your voice, combined with our mission, drives us forward in this crucial endeavor.