Get Involved

If you want to make a difference, there are numerous ways to support the Digital Integrity Coalition's mission. Whether you're interested in volunteering, offering private support, providing expertise, or making a donation, your involvement is invaluable. Volunteers assist in various capacities, from organizing events to offering emotional support. Private supporters can have a significant impact through donations and raising awareness. Professionals with expertise in areas like mental health, online safety, or advocacy can help us develop essential resources and strategies to combat online hate. Join us in creating a safer digital environment and a stronger support network for adults facing online harassment and defamation. Your involvement, including donations, can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.


  • Letter Writers: Individuals who can articulate the concerns of victims by writing letters to policy influencers.
  • Legal and Mental Health Professionals: Offering pro bono assistance to victims.
  • Tech and SEO Experts: Assisting clients with online platforms and reporting online crimes.
  • Multilingual Volunteers: Needed for translation and communication support.


  • Research Analysts: Conducting research on harassment trends, platform reporting effectiveness, and intervention strategies. Information essential for advocacy and lobbying efforts.
  • Partnership Explorers: Identifying and establishing partnerships with like-minded organizations and advocacy groups.
  • Media Relations: Liaising with media outlets for coverage of DIC's initiatives.


  • Social Media Managers: Marketing and managing DIC's online presence and engaging with supporters and clients.
  • Content Creators: Developing educational materials, blog posts, videos, and infographics to raise awareness.
  • Event Organizers: Planning and executing workshops, webinars, and conferences aligned with DIC's mission.
  • Awareness Advocates: Sharing DIC's mission, swag, and contacting local media to spread the word.
  • Fundraising Organizers: Managing fundraising initiatives to support DIC's campaigns.
  • Educational Outreach: Collaborating with educational institutions to promote responsible online behavior.


  • Online Activists: Politely and respectfully commenting on hateful content, highlighting the impact of such actions.


  • Donors: Contributing to DIC's mission. All proceeds from donations and merchandise go toward public awareness campaigns.


  • Tech Specialists: Providing technical support and guidance for online safety and platform maintenance.
  • Data Analysts: Analyzing data related to online harassment trends, user interactions, and campaign effectiveness.


  • Legal Advocates: Advocating for legal reforms to address online harassment and defamation, potentially working with legislators and policymakers.
  • Pro Bono Attorneys: Offering legal representation to victims of online harassment in need of legal action.


  • Facilitators: Leading support group sessions to provide victims with a safe space for sharing their experiences and coping strategies.


  • Workshop Instructors: Leading workshops on online safety, digital literacy, and responsible online behavior.


  • Research Scientists: Conducting in-depth research on online harassment, its impact, and potential mitigation strategies.
  • Technology Innovators: Developing innovative tools or solutions to combat online harassment.


To sign up for any of these roles or learn more, please contact our team.