Online Haters are Masters of Gaslighting & Twisting Truth

In today's digital age, it's no secret that the internet can be a breeding ground for negativity. While promoting my new book, "Slay Cyberbullies with Sass," I had a firsthand encounter with the kind of online haters who seem to thrive on finding any reason to criticize and attack.As part of my book promotion, I used a bit of wit and sarcasm, playfully referring to myself as the "star of the show" and labeling my "cyberbullies as mere extras."


As anticipated, this clever quip provided the haters with an opportunity for new content.

What ensued was a classic example of how online haters operate. They seized upon my lighthearted comment, twisting it to fit their own narrative. Suddenly, I was labeled as narcissistic and vain, all because I had jokingly claimed the spotlight for a moment. It was a stark reminder of how these individuals do not care about truth or accuracy; their sole purpose is to harm others and gaslight their audience so they can boost their fragile ego.


But here's the thing: Their momentary ego boost is fleeting, a hollow victory built on negativity. Instead of investing time and energy in attempting to tear others down, they would benefit immensely by seeking the mental health treatment they have near-obviously put off for far too long.


The truth is, dealing with online haters can be emotionally draining, but it's essential to remember that their actions are a reflection of their own unhappiness and insecurity. Responding with anger or defensiveness only adds fuel to their fire. Instead, we can choose to rise above their negativity, focusing on our own growth, positivity, and the valuable work we're doing. If you are doing what you are passionate about and successful in, you will have haters. Expect them and let them roll off your back like I have always done.


In my case, "Slay Cyberbullies with Sass" is all about empowering individuals to stand up against online harassment with confidence and resilience. It's a message I am passionate about sharing, regardless of the haters' attempts to twist my words.


Remember that the only opinion that matters at the end of the day is YOURS. If you would not ask your haters for advice then what they say doesn't matter anyway. If you like yourself, say what one of my closest friends says...


"Rock, Paper, Scissors, Throat Punch... I Win!"


Because, at the end of the day, those who know your ethics will never question them or believe the haters. Those that do believe the haters were never one of your fans or friends anyway.