About us

After 15 months of tireless collaboration and research, Dr. Mozelle Martin founded the Digital Integrity Coalition. Launched in January 2024 with a deep-rooted passion for digital integrity, our mission is steadfast in empowering adult professionals affected by internet defamation, cyber-libel, and online character assassination. Central to our efforts is a strong dedication to offering robust support and providing an arsenal of supportive and strategic resources aimed at helping victims recover their digital identity and strengthen their online resilience. Our vision is defined by a relentless pursuit of confidence and resilience for those we serve, underscored by our vigorous advocacy for essential legal reforms, particularly the revision of Section 230. Together, we are committed to forging a future where the digital world is safer and more accountable, a place where digital integrity is not just an ideal but a reality.

Empowering & Advocating for Professional Adult Victims of Cyberbullying, Cyberdefamation, and Online Character Assassination.

Explore our wide range of resources, meticulously designed to assist you in overcoming the varied consequences of online attacks, spanning emotional, mental, financial, spiritual, and psychological realms. Our platform provides vital resources including crisis coaching to help you navigate the initial shock, continuous support to develop and preserve resilience, and expert advice on cleaning your digital footprint, securing online profiles, and fostering safe online behaviors. For those contemplating legal action, we connect you to highly experienced yet affordable legal resources, with options starting at just $1 per day. While we operate as a resource website, we are deeply committed to advocating for changes in Section 230, aiming to create a safer and more accountable digital environment on your behalf. 


"Their crisis coach helped me regain my emotional balance and was the lifeline I needed." - Diane H., Minneapolis

"The trusted resources amplify their impact. It's reassuring to know that a network of dedicated professionals is working together to protect digital integrity and fighting for the rest of us." - Gregory M., Atlanta

"The self-help resources and legal guidance were invaluable after I my character was assassinated online." - Patsy C., Dallas

DID YOU KNOW...The Supreme Court has decreed that stalking is free speech protected by the First Amendment if the stalker genuinely believes his actions are non-threatening,” stated Mary Anne Franks, a professor at George Washington Law School and president of the nonprofit Cyber Civil Rights Initiative.