About us

After 15 months of tireless collaboration and research, Dr. Mozelle Martin founded the Digital Integrity Coalition. Born in January 2024 as a grassroots mission, we are unwaveringly dedicated to championing the cause of digital integrity. At the heart of our mission is the resolute commitment to providing unwavering support to adult professionals impacted by internet defamation, cyber-libel, and online character assassination. We offer a comprehensive array of supportive and strategic solutions, carefully designed to aid victims in reclaiming their digital identity and fortifying their online presence. Our vision is one of unwavering confidence and resilience, and we stand steadfast in our advocacy for crucial legal reforms, with a particular focus on Section 230. Together, we carve a path towards a safer and more accountable digital landscape, where digital integrity reigns supreme. Yet, at the heart of it all, it is your voice and our mission.

Empowering & Advocating for Professional Adult Victims of Cyberbullying, Cyberdefamation, and Online Character Assassination.

Discover our comprehensive empowerment services designed to help you navigate and triumph over the emotional, mental, financial, spiritual, and psychological impact of online attacks. Our dedicated team offers crisis coaching to assist you in surviving the initial impact, ongoing support to build and maintain resilience, and guidance in cleaning up digital footprints, securing online accounts, and promoting safe online practices. For those seeking legal recourse, we provide access to affordable, highly experienced law firms starting at just $1 per day. We are also proud to collaborate with influential figures and organizations to champion changes in Section 230. Together, we're forging a path towards a safer and more accountable digital environment. Remember, it's all about your voice and our unwavering mission


"Their crisis coach helped me regain my emotional balance and was the lifeline I needed." - Diane H., Minneapolis

"Their trusted coalition members amplify their impact. It's reassuring to know that a network of dedicated professionals is working together to protect digital integrity and fighting for the rest of us." - Gregory M., Atlanta

"The self-help resources and legal guidance were invaluable after I my character was assassinated online." - Patsy C., Dallas

DID YOU KNOW...The Supreme Court has decreed that stalking is free speech protected by the First Amendment if the stalker genuinely believes his actions are non-threatening,” stated Mary Anne Franks, a professor at George Washington Law School and president of the nonprofit Cyber Civil Rights Initiative.